Monday, November 28, 2011

Pink Attract Me To Study

hey dolls, sorry for the late posting for my blog  lately i have been so busy. Im going to tell you guys what i have been busy till i've got no time to update my blog. first, i got a job as part timer since im still a student ,i really2 needs money for my up coming photos. second , my cousin is getting married in kedah so i making my black lace kebaya and i will have a photo shoot there :D (i will post it the kebaya dress after im done sewing it).  
but today im not going to post my photos , im going to tell you guys i how study and organize my school supplies. 
(ok, this is not photo of mine)

here what im going to tell you is, i am not a big fan of pink, i just like to look at the color its so attractive. and so i make my study stuff etc fail, pencil case, pens , and note books to make me feel wanting to me go and study. 
not just that, i also make my bed sheets design in pink, and thats make me wanna go to bed easily :P 

*find your favorite color that makes you feel attract with it or maybe the design that attract you. than you'll feel wanting to study like i did*

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  1. i dont really like.. I LOVE PINKS! But actually, without notice, most of pinks items attract me... IDKY.. haha!