Monday, February 28, 2011

Cascada - Piece Of Heaven

i really love this song because i wanted to hide or run from my hectic life and start new life in somewhere in this video picture. the lyrics really make me feel sad and yet wanted to move on.
thx CASCADA <3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

today class, FASHION DESIGN

today class was fun and my lecture are so funny. my class duly end at 4pm but today is our first class in 2nd sem so they ended early . IM IN MY DORM ROOM :D
last night i couldn't get to sleep, its already 4am and im should get up early for my first week of class. thank god my friend texted me if not i not gonna wakeup , i will be dead sleep.
today im so not in a mood to put my makeup on, well at least i did if not im gonna look so peel that is soo not cute.

here are some photos :)

sorry the photos are not so clear, and that bcoz im using my lappy to snap the pictures


its been so long i didn't snap a new picture so my Facebook profile look so dull and boring. so today i just snap a new picture bcoz im bored sitting in my dorm room doing nothing (zzzZZZZzzzZZZ).
OMG!! tomorrow is the day . the day where tension begin. TOMORROW IS THE DAY GOING BACK TO CAMPUS AND START STUDY(do all the assignment :( )

anyway~~ here are my picture :)