Friday, December 9, 2011


hey guys, last week my family and i went for a trip to CAMERON HIGHLAND ( just a random vacation only for one night ). let me tell you about cameron highland , this place is popular with strawberry field, tea field and its also popular with the cold weather here. we can't get this kind of weather back in Kuala Lumpur.

 this tea field its way way down the hill

its me credit to my lil' niece

aaahhh~ i just love it here

i am kind of a girl who likes nature , i love the flower thats bloom perfectly beautiful . i took some of rear flowers . enjoy :D

just looked at the flower , its bigger when u look in front of you 

my nieces said it looks like sakura 

hahah a bee!!  

hahaha i just love look at my mom when she's goes crazy over beautiful flower. she use her camera phone and snap all beautiful flowers. * when i said all , it mean all flowers* 

gosh i just love the color!! this flower called JADE VINE. this is my first time saw this flower. AMAZING

after finish walking around and snap pictures , we all craving over strawberry ice-cream

that just all about my two days one night in CAMERON HIGHLAND. 

p/s:  if you interested go and check this website . just click on the links, HOTELS and ACTIVITIES THAT YOU CAN FIND

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Black Lace Kebaya

last sunday my family and i went to Sg. Petani ,Kedah for a wedding event (my cousin's wedding) . what i really like this place because of their rice field view its a breathtaking . with my previous post , i told you guys that i going to make my own kebaya and so i did. i am going to tell you my experience making the kebaya by lace fabric (for me who just know how to sew) its hard , but i go thru with it and im not regret doing it/ sewing it because i learnt something new and i finish it on time. 

p/s: i choose lace because its inspired me by my grandma kebaya lace (70's kebaya lace)

the kebaya

with my niece love nature <3 

they heard something splash from the water

the view that i took