Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feminine Rock

 my friend wanting me to take a fashion photography around Putrajaya. I have no idea what she wanted me to wear for the photo shoot. All she can she say is she wants a exotic make up and so i bring it like this. 

here i've got funny story. as i was driving i saw two girls were standing in middle of the road. one thing that came out of my mind is are they going to kill them-self. than i notice that one of the girl were holding a camera. i realize that i wanted to take a picture middle of the road during the day .now i've finally got one. 

top by forever 21 (i bought it long time ago) , pants by curve levi's , heels by Vincci 

p/s: sorry again i have been busy with my final exam, assignment and final garment presentation. don't worry i have a lot a photo shoot coming up . im so excited!!! <3