Friday, September 23, 2011

The One And Only

I am  in love with Fall Couture Collection of Valentino, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Atelier Versace. What a great and amazing job :D
p/s: my inspiration 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Before Class

lately im into hippies/gypsy look so today i dress like one. later i will buy more gypsy/hippies and took picture of it. accessories from diva, top i bought in jakarta last 2 months, shorts i bought in kuala lumpur.  

p/s: sorry the picture is quite blur that's because im using my lappy camera .

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

got new hair :)

this picture i took yesterday night . yesterday i went to pavilion, kl . i bought accessories, bangles (except the yellow color) , feathers earring , and hippie hair band i didn't take a picture of it. next time i will post it :D
p/s: i've got new hair !!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


i've been single for awhile now. i never think of getting a special boyfriend (yet). i felt happy the way i am now. if i do have a boyfriend again i wanted to be like GIULIANA & BILL RANCIC. what makes i love watching their show besides their sweet relationship ,is they live in a different world (their work, where their staying). another thing i love about them, Giuliana is funny and childish (love her personalities), yet Bill his a very hardworking person and his lovable guy. 
p/s: love forever :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


today i wanted to take a traditional clothes which is KEBAYA NYONYA. the word KEBAYA was known as "abaya" in arabic. Kebaya was started in MALAYSIA, INDONESIA , BRUNEI , SINGAPORE AND THAILAND. 
p/s: there has many types of KEBAYA. i adore kebaya nyonya because the blouse of the kebaya is shoter than other types of kebaya. 


this is one of my friend that i adore. she is my listener whenever i feel sad , she's a good friend, she's very shy to talk to a guy that's she likes, and she always makes stupid&funny jokes.
she's my happy go-lucky girl.
Today at 10am (Malaysia's time) she's departure to MANCHESTER to continue her study there. As far as i know her , her parents take good care of her (here) but this time she's on her own , no parents control ,as a friend advice i told her to care of herself , extra care. 
p/s: babe, i love you and take care . live your dream, don't worry about mine . I'm on the way to live my dream.

Funny Day :D

like every morning everyday i woke up took my bath and off to campus. but today, i had breakfast with my guy friend (just a friend) . he ask me , am i going to be in class the whole day and i replied maybe , so he keep on texting me am i in class than i say yes. the way he act today it's so weird . after a while, i texted him that i am going to the library to do some research and he still act weird , he's usually don't act like this. in the afternoon , me and him have a debate meeting in library so i ask him to wait me in front of the library but he wasn't there. i waited for him about 15minute and i feel lazy already so i texted i want to go back to my dorm. suddenly he called ask me to wait, on the phone he sound in rush, he's usually don't act like this. and so he finally came , and he told me what's really happend.HE WANTED TO SURPRISE ME WITH A BIG RED BOX THAT HAS A TEDDY BEAR INSIDE IT (well his cousin was suppose to send the box to me during my class) hahahha pitty him the plan doesn't go well like he and his cousin planned too. anyway thank you i love it :D

p/s: sorry of the messy look.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


last night me and friend when out for shooting my new look for this blog ,so we when out to PUTRAJAYA. normally i took my pictures about an hour but with my friend , we took pictures for 3 hours. we go to different places in PUTRAJAYA. On our last location in PUTRAJAYA , we saw a film making crew. its was awsome , i think the movie is about racing car movie. i really enjoyed taking picture with my friend, next time we planed to take picture by the beach.
p/s: enjoy looking thru my picture

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Yesterday i celebrate my b'day at my parent's house. my family , my relatives and my beloved BFF were there to celebrate my 19th b'day. i feel so sad the day b4 my b'day because i don't want my age grow, i don't want to enter the  non-teen year's old but i have to get deal with it .

p/s: to people out there that celebrate  their b'day on 2nd sep, i wish you guys HAPPY B'DAY!! make ur wish come true and stay positive :D XoXo..

Thursday, September 1, 2011

LACE coral ME

i've bought this shirt that i can't wait to wear until today. Everybody were busy with "RAYA" , but i was so busy to go shopping and took this picture. 
p/s: sorry about the background, i took at the mall parking lot :P