Friday, March 11, 2011

Side Of The Road

While waiting for my friend's boyfriend (meeting his friends) at Sunway , me and sofia took some shots of me at the sunway Mansion house. It was amazing, beautiful houses. im so in love with one of the house gate.


hye , this week i've started my class. YEAH!!!! last monday my classmate and i did lil' amazing fashion exercise . its a group exercise, all we need to do is took a fabric and design our own dress or a top (anything). But our lecturer give will us types of neckline or collor that we should put into our design.
And i also took the hectic photos in the class, my classmate were busy doing their work :) that's include me.

This what im wearing
crop top & highwaist short from forever 21. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


hello diva!!this morning i woke up and i looked out my window i saw lil bit of rainy. from there im about to think that i'll easily catch cold and sniff a lot. i felt pretty tired and lazy bcoz today my timetable is fully PACKED. i have classes  morning till evening. im also dont fell well bcoz my nature just flow this morning but yet i tried my best to look good.

Black tank top, Jean shirt make as blazer-nichii , yellow peel skirt-padini
p/s:the padini skirt i bought few years ago.