Monday, January 30, 2012


Today i meet up with my tuition-mate that i was so close when im in high school. it has been so long we haven't meet and hang together. we spent our lunch-time at delicious restaurant and went for a window shopping, well most of us were window shopping :D here are some of my photo (don't mind me looking messy) :(

JOHAN the guy that has a lot of passion about fashion, his fav. topic of the day is pervert things :D 

 simple girl & down to earth. love her to death . if u get to know her, u wont believe about her life

yaa yaa i know my hair looked messy. say what everyone has a bad hair day.

 that's Johan posing @Ralph Lauren :D

GOSH!!!!!! i saw this cute bag , that perfect for me to go to class wearing this beg :D well~ not only for goes to class. next item to shop :D

actually today gathering is about syaira's going for a further study in Australia. im going to lose another good friend of mine :( love you babe <3

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life as Black&White

hey peeps!! so so sorry cause i have not updated my blog for past months. im really busy with my work and try to find money to buy cloths for my new year (2012) .and i also have ups and downs with my life right now. hope u guys really understand. i really wants to make my blog the next level and i want to make me myself to the next level, who knew maybe i will make a video about me :D i was really planning this but im not really sure about it ,so~ its 50/50 .. 
guess what guys!! i finally get my photo yeay!! new photo!! thx cousin your the best :X

MESSY NERD was my idea cause i wanna silly for while. i think i haven't took silly photo yet. haha fun moment with my cousin.