Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Funny Day :D

like every morning everyday i woke up took my bath and off to campus. but today, i had breakfast with my guy friend (just a friend) . he ask me , am i going to be in class the whole day and i replied maybe , so he keep on texting me am i in class than i say yes. the way he act today it's so weird . after a while, i texted him that i am going to the library to do some research and he still act weird , he's usually don't act like this. in the afternoon , me and him have a debate meeting in library so i ask him to wait me in front of the library but he wasn't there. i waited for him about 15minute and i feel lazy already so i texted i want to go back to my dorm. suddenly he called ask me to wait, on the phone he sound in rush, he's usually don't act like this. and so he finally came , and he told me what's really happend.HE WANTED TO SURPRISE ME WITH A BIG RED BOX THAT HAS A TEDDY BEAR INSIDE IT (well his cousin was suppose to send the box to me during my class) hahahha pitty him the plan doesn't go well like he and his cousin planned too. anyway thank you i love it :D

p/s: sorry of the messy look.

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