Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday Party & Family Dinner

yesterday i had my FAB-Family dinner and yet we also celebrate three handsome man in the family, my dad, my nephew and my brother-in-law. We went to the nearest stick house in sg.buloh, it called  "Tree Stick House. i am telling you , the food is the best, the stick their made by their own process , fish and chips by fresh fish. 
the best part is the cake, the funny thing is my sister bought the best rose velvet cheese cake than she puts a toy truck on top of the cake. my nephew thought the truck is made of cake also, when my brother-in-law lift the truck there it goes a shout says "WHOAAA!!", that shout came from my nephew :D

the cake and angry birds cup cakes
my family

 the birthday boy

hahah my mum , my sister and my niece (my sis-daughter)

 my brother's daughter
  bike's couple :D

 so cute~

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